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A Blast From The Past: 70S Short Hair Styles

102 Fascinating 70s Hairstyles To Look For in 2021! Pitchzine
102 Fascinating 70s Hairstyles To Look For in 2021! Pitchzine from

A Blast from the Past: 70s Short Hair Styles

A Look Back at the 70s

The 1970s was a decade of change and experimentation in many aspects, especially in fashion. From bell bottoms to tie-dye T-shirts and mini skirts, the 70s was a time of expression. This decade of fashion also saw a change in hair styles. Men and women of the 70s broke away from traditional long and medium hairstyles and embraced short, edgy looks.

Men’s Hair Styles

Men’s hairstyles in the 70s ranged from short and choppy to longer and feathered. The short and choppy styles were often layered with a lot of texture and volume. Common styles included the shag, the wedge and the classic buzz cut. The longer styles were longer on top, often with sideburns or a chin-length beard. These styles were often feathered back, giving them a softer, more natural look.

Women’s Hair Styles

Women’s hairstyles in the 70s were just as varied as men’s. Short, choppy styles were popular, as were longer, feathered styles. One of the most iconic styles from this era was the pixie cut. This look was usually cut close to the head with lots of texture on top. Other popular cuts included the bob, the shag and the classic flip.

Accessorizing the Look

In addition to the classic cuts, the 70s was all about accessorizing. Headbands, hair clips and other hair accessories were a popular way to spice up any hair style. Women often wore larger, more colorful accessories while men opted for smaller, more subtle pieces.

Bringing it Back to 2023

The 70s short hair styles are still popular today, with many modern interpretations. From the classic pixie cut to the feathered shag, these styles are a great way to show off your personality and style. So don’t be afraid to take a chance and try out a 70s-inspired look this year!

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