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Bringing Back The 90S Boy Hair Style For 2023

23 Popular 90s Hairstyles For Men (2022 Guide) Men blonde hair, 90s
23 Popular 90s Hairstyles For Men (2022 Guide) Men blonde hair, 90s from

Bringing Back the 90s Boy Hair Style for 2023

A Popular Hair Style from the Past is Making a Comeback

The 90s boy hair style is making a comeback in 2023, as fashion trends from that decade are becoming popular again. While the style may look dated to some, many fashionistas and hairstylists are embracing the look with open arms. Whether you’re looking to get a throwback look or just want to try something new, here’s a guide to getting the perfect 90s boy hair style.

How to Get the Perfect 90s Boy Hair Style

The classic 90s boy hair style is a short, layered cut with an undercut and a long top. To get the look, you’ll need to visit a hairstylist who knows how to do the style. Ask for a layered cut with an undercut that’s no shorter than an inch. When you’re done, you should have a look similar to the one pictured below.

Styling the Look

Once you’ve got the cut, it’s time to style it. The best way to style the 90s boy hair style is with a bit of pomade or wax. Start by applying a small amount of product to your palms and working it in your hair. When you’re done, use a comb to style the top and sides in whatever direction you want. For an extra bit of hold, you can also blow dry the hair with a diffuser attachment.

Finishing Touches

To complete the look, you can add a few finishing touches. For a more modern look, try using a bit of texturizing spray or gel. This will add some texture and hold to the style, making it last longer. You can also add a bit of hairspray or wax to keep the style in place.


The 90s boy hair style is a timeless classic that’s making a comeback in 2023. With a few simple steps, you can get the perfect look for any occasion. So grab your pomade and get ready to rock the 90s boy hair style this year!

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